Voice is back!

14 years after our last Album ‘Soulhunter’ we have shaken the band up and would like to test the waters again. ‘The Storm’ is a back to the roots Album combining a new heaviness and catchy tunes.




07426 Milbitz/Rottenbach Germany



Rock in the Hall

back on stage.....music hall Markneukirchen (GER) November 23rd 2019


more guitar!

Welcome back!👉.....Rainer Wild takes over the part on the second guitar. Rainer was one of the founding members from "Voice" in the late 1980's. Amazing!🤘 let's see what happens next


The Storm - release

Hi guys....yesterday finally our new album "The Storm" was released.
We're more than happy after all those years. For closer information check the links below. Of course now we're eager to know your opinions......let us know your favorite song, just send us a picture where you and the CD is to see and for the first 10 sender we will have a nice surprise. Stay tuned and rock on


Voice & Massacre

this is not a fake-news .....we’re proud to confirm it and looking forward to a fruitful collaboration. Thank you guys and best wishes to MASSACRE RECORDS


new drummer

news from the substitutes bench😜
Thx to Stocki for the great job he did on „The Storm“ album.
He has a lot of jobs with his band CYTOTOXIN now……we wish all the best and good luck for the future….big hugs!
But….there is another thing…..let’s welcome Sven „Leo“ Leonhardt.... we know him already for long time, but now the time has come to do something together.
The rehearsals have already started, more news soon